Provided leadership, direction, strategy and creativity, ensuring that our B2B Summit was a hit with our major corporate partners! If you’re looking to hire someone with marketing savvy, great leadership skills, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, Bob and Scenario are right for the job!

Rebuilding Together, Washington DC

Scenario helped us define our market position and assisted in developing and executing strategies to meet our organization’s objectives. Not only provided conceptual development, but they have also provided project execution. Great results and good value.

Shaping Americas Health, Alexandria VA

Corporate events to bring people together to develop interpersonal relationships that couldn’t exist inside the structured environment of the office. Here is a look at the different types of corporate events we offer and support:

One-day Strategic Planning and OKR Sessions

OKRs, which stands for Objectives and Key Results, is a planning and goal setting technique made famous by Google and many silicon valley start-ups. OKRs represent goals and define the measurable steps you’ll take towards achieving those goals. They’re typically used to set quarterly goals, but can also be used for annual planning.

We have found that in a one-day OKR planning session or strategic planning meeting you have to focus on very intentional conversations.

Typically conversations are generally built around:

  • Developing a vision for the future
  • Defining who you serve and what are their needs
  • Aligning priorities and resources
  • Planning actions that align with your vision and objectives.

Executive Retreats and Events

These typically last between two to three days, and planning includes defining business meeting goals, site selection, accommodations, transportation, catering, golfing and other relationship-building activities.

Executive retreats and events allow your organization to spend informal time with its guests/clients in a non-traditional environment, giving both parties an opportunity to build rapport and learn more about mutual business priorities.

Appreciation and Celebrations

These events can range from programs geared toward employee appreciation to those for showing client appreciation. There are limitless possibilities and types of appreciation events that organizations hold throughout the year.

Take a look at our portfolio of appreciation events.